Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Useful windows keyboard shortcuts:

1. Start Progams that are located in your Task Bar

Win + 1,2,3 etc They will start in the order they appear in the task bar

2. Maximize and restore size of your current window

Win + up and Win+down

3. Create A New Folder

Ctrl+Shift+N Would be faster than right clicking and selecting create new I think.


4. Start Virtual Mouse

Alt+Shift+Num will open the virtual mouse which allows you to use number pad to control mouse. Great if the mouse stops working and you need to do something.

You can speed the virtual mouse up by going here

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center\Set up Mouse Keys and pointer speed is in there set both top speed and acceleration to fast as well as you can check off "Hold down CTRL to speed up and SHIFT to slow down"

5. Open System window


6. Move window to left and right half of screen or over to next monitor

Win+Left arrow - move window to the left half of your screen

Win+Right arrow - move window to the right half of your screen

7. Access "Computer"

Win+E accesses "Computer" to view your drives and devices and network locations / opens windows explorer

8. Minimize all applications


9. Move active window to next monitor

In a dual monitor environment Win+Shift+left or Win+Shift+right will send your current window to the other monitor.

10. Open Task Manager


11. Right click a file without a mouse

Shift+F10 opens a contextual menu like a right click great are trying to work quickly and not using a mouse at the time

12. Open a file and folders properties


13. Bring up a multi-monitor quick menu