How to use the helpdesk effectively

How to use the Helpdesk effictively!

The helpdesk system is a tool that has several benefits including:

1.  It provides an efficient way to contact the IT department about issues.    When you email the helpdesk - an email goes out to all members of the IT department.

2.  It tracks issues.    The system keeps track of tickets, and if one device has multiple issues that may signify a bigger issue with that device, the IT staff will see it and act accordingly. 

3.  Helpdisk tickets don't get forgotten.

The easiest way to use the helpdesk is to send an email (from your Hudson School account) to the helpdesk mail!   (Side tip - listing the actual email in a public forum will generate spam, so we don't)

 This sticker appears on every device in the school

 When submitting a ticket Make sure you include the device name at the top of the sticker (In this case the name is "OfficePrint")   Without this name, it is very difficult to determine which device has the issue you are describing.

 Also, it helps to include the location (What room the device is in)



Be clear when writing the problem.

Good: “Computer won’t boot – restarts automatically”

Bad: “Can’t print!”
Good: “Error message when trying to print to TeacherRoom2 from Photoshop.”

Bad: "The Network is down"
Good: "My computer can login - but I can't get to a website"

Bad: "Unblock the Google website"
Good: "Unblock for middle school students and teachers"

Describe your question or problem with as much detail as you can. A vague request will simply be answered by a bunch of questions you’ll have to answer anyway. You’ll get a faster response if you provide this information in your initial request.

When writing your request answer these questions where appropriate:

  • What were you trying to do?
  • What happened instead?
  • If there was an error message, what did it say?
  • What computer is this happening on? PC or Mac? Personal or departmental computer?
  • What software program are you using? If you know the version number please provide it.
  • Please don’t assume I know what you’re talking about. Be descriptive.
  • If you are unblocking a website - Who are you unblocking it for and for what device (Chromebook or computer)?

When you receive a reply from the helpdesk email with questions, please answer those questions as best you can.


Better tickets lead to better and more efficient repairs!